Sabato and Labro joined forces in organizing an Italian dinner celebrating the taste and spirit of Italy! Where Sabato is normally inspired by the versatile food cultures of the different regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, a mouthwatering menu was created for Labro that shows Italy particularly from its best side. Think classic fiori di zucca fritti and Venetian risotto al nero di seppia, as if nonna had personally taught them. 

What started as a cherished love for and shared interest in classic and comfortable Mediterranean food, blossomed into what Sabato is today. From custom dinners, catering, concept and recipe development to food styling, Jesse and Stefanie, Sabato’s founders, do it all. United in their passion for sourcing authentic products and immersing oneself in the abundance of balmy flavors, Jesse and Stefanie went to the market together every Saturday. Sabato, the Italian and Greek word for Saturday, is named after these Saturdays of market strolling where the idea for Sabato was conceived. 

Stefanie was born and raised under the Mediterranean sun on a Greek island. From an early age she learned firsthand about Greek cuisine and when she moved to the Netherlands she took the proudly passed down family recipes with her. Jesse lived in Florence for some time, the place where Italian cuisine thrives and she herself became a connoisseur of the authentic taste of Italy. This came to fruition in the dinner they organized for Labro, which was heralded with a cool cynar spritz. Classic Tuscan fiori di zucca fritti and anchovy butter crostini, among others, were reserved as antipasti. The Italian spirit was continued with risotto al nero di seppia topped with bottarga and a splash of lemon as the main dish, and the evening was ended with homemade gelato. 

Jesse and Stefanie make a good duo and let the culture of hospitality, bringing people together and the Italian way of sharing a meal flourish. With a remained focus on the richness of flavors around the Mediterranean Sea and always with a keen eye for detail, they know like no other how to bring the essence of the Mediterranean way of life and the joy of a sunny feast a bit closer home – torno presto!


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