Labro visited Miuz, an Italian gelateria at the Overtoom in Amsterdam. Carlo, the founder of Miuz, grew up in Turin where people eat gelato at any occasion. Moving to Amsterdam a few years ago he missed the cool creamy gelato of his homeland. That’s where the idea for Miuz was born! He looked no further and decided to fill the gap in the market himself with the introduction of Miuz about a year ago, bringing the authentic Italian experience and flavors to Amsterdam. 

At Miuz, they offer a wide and ever changing range of flavors. Think the true Italian classics like nocciola and stracciatella, but also more contemporary mind-boggling flavors. In one thing all flavors at Miuz are alike; every flavor is artisanally created from scratch in their laboratorio. A handful of carefully selected fresh and high quality ingredients always mark the base of the gelato. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced, yet others come from small businesses owners in Italy. Their pistachio gelato, a bestseller, is for instance made from pistachios from Bronte in Sicily. Carlo is by all means always on the lookout for products that spark his interest. 

Besides our genuine love for the feel and taste of Italy, Miuz and Labro find each other in our aim for the sustainable production of our goods. Besides working with local suppliers and season dependent ingredients as much as possible, Miuz makes use of fully recyclable packaging materials.

Since in Italy gelato is a year-round treat enjoyed by all, Miuz is open all seasons. You therefore don’t have to leave Amsterdam to experience the authentic Italian flavors at its best. Complete your Vondelpark passeggiata with a gelato in hand. Torno presto! 

Visit Miuz at:

Overtoom 117 


IG: @miuzgelato


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