Meet Paulo, the son of Mario. Mario is his father and the founder of the MARIO factory, specializing in crafting coral beads. After 5 years we finally visited the atelier of Mario.

In true Italian family fashion, grandpa Mario resides on the top floor, Paulo occupies the middle floor, and the business operates on the ground floor.

Contrary to expectations of a large company with numerous Italian ladies, these men have been working together for ages without any additional staff. Paulo and Mario handle every aspect of bead production themselves, from quality checks to polishing. Each bead passes through their skilled hands!

Their true expertise? the nonna bracelet made from coral. At Labro, the souvenir charms and pearls are sourced from Mario and Paulo. It’s truly amazing to wear a piece of tradition and craftsmanship, right?

A fun fact about Paulo: he is a passionate football enthusiast, just as a true Italian would be. He even wished he could have taken us to a match! Of course, Paulo also treated us to a Negroni at the top of the volcano.

Additionally, Paulo thoroughly enjoys sailing to Capri every weekend with his family on their own boat.

Torno presto!


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