This trattoria is located in the hills of Fijian, Ischia. Take a taxi to the trattoria from wherever you’re staying at the island and the views will stun you without a doubt. Passing vineyards, mountains, fresh jasmin climbers, all with a view of the sea. Once you arrive at the trattoria you will enter the beautiful green terrazza with a view of sunset.

Inside the style of the trattoria is traditional as expected.

The trattoria is run by sisters, brothers and cousins. Nowadays the kitchen is managed by Agostino and Francesco, and mum Loretta, while service is done by Silvia and the sisters Luciana and Mariateresa, Antonella and Cristiana. Finally Riccardo, the master of many enterprises.

What to order;

– House wine in Italy overall is very high quality. Il Focolare has their own bottles.

– Go full out and order the antipasto misto. They will let you taste the whole menu in small bites (be mindful it’s around 28 dishes). Our favorite dish Mezzanulli con Tunz e Paparastriell.

– Unlike other islands the speciality of the island isn’t fish. The speciality of the island is Coniglio All’Ischitana, a whole rabbit a la Ischia. You’re in luck because Trattoria Il Focolare makes it the authentic way. Don’t forget to make a reservation as they prep the food 24 hours prior.

After dinner the sisters will bring you to meet the chef and they will show you their ancient alter turned into wine cellar and explain more of the islands’ history. This trattoria will give you a truly authentic experience with incredible food, celebrating the Italian spirit to its fullest.

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Via Cretajo, 3, 80070 Fiaiano NA, Italy


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