Gemstones and pearls 

Labro works closely with a fine stone supplier who has good connections with stone- and pearl workshops from all over the world. Often small workshops that are specified in a certain type of stone or pearl.


Onyx has been treasured for centuries across Asia, North and South America and traded as precious stone in all parts of of the world.The stone possesses a strong character and mystical aura, fascinating mankind ever since. Since ancient times onyx is believed to absorb negative energy and is known for its protective features.

Onyx makes a good durable stone for using in jewelry because it has a great hardness and can resist scratching from everyday wear. Because onyx is very rich in contrast, it creates a cool, sophisticated and modern style.

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are widely being used for jewelry purposes due to their classic look, its durability and organic surface.Today cultured freshwater pearls are grown in large freshwater ponds and lakes located in China. These are usually small, family-owned farms and collectives. Pearls typically take about 2-3 years to grow, and are then harvested in an eye-popping array of natural pinks, peaches, lavender and white colors.

The irregular shape and bluish-grey color is what makes the freshwater pearl a perfect ingredient for Labro’s collections. It gives the collection a rich and timeless character and suits the ‘Labro famiglia’ (young and old).

Within the fashion industry, there are a lot of synthetic or plastic pearls in the market. Labro loves the high quality, organic and cultured freshwater pearls a lot more.These pearls are delicate, precious and each has a story on its own. Labro uses fair prices for the high quality items they sell.

Transparant quartz

Our transparant quartz is also known as ‘Clear Quartz’ or ‘Rock Crystal’.The name comes from the Greek word for ice and with its glacial appearance and pure transparancy, it’s one of the largest families in the mineral family. Clear Quartz is believed to create restorative energy and mental clarity.

The pureness and clarity of the stone creates an innocent and clean style. Perfect to combine with Labro’s other gemstones like Angelite or Dalmatian.


Angelite, also known as angel stone, is a glacier blue- or lilac blue-colored soft stone that has a white center and snow-white flecks with occasional brown or rusty inclusions. Angelite is tought to improve spiritual awareness, with a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing.

The bright blue color gives a soft, fresh and young feeling to the collection. It suits with different skin tones and blends perfectly with – for example – an after- summer denim look.


This gemstone is most commonly found in mines throughout the Chihuahua region of Mexico, with miners and locals naming it after the resemblance to
the Dalmatian dog breed. Dalmatian Stone, also called Dalmatian Jasper, is pale gray, cream or beige brown with black or brown spots.The spots on the surface of this stone are actually tourmaline, iron oxide and few other minerals.The Dalmatian stone awakens the child inside us and encourages to care less. It reminds to enjoy the simple things in life and helps us feel lighthearted.

This gemstone is carefully selected during the design process and creates a sense of playfulness to the collection.

Precious metals

Labro solely uses pure and high quality materials.The precious metals we work with are 925 sterling silver and 14k gold filled. Both tested and designed to last long.

925 sterling silver 

Sterling silver products can oxidize over time, this is a natural process.When you’d like to make your jewelry shiny again, please use a silver cloth or silver polish. It’s important not to use paper, because this can scratch the jewelry.

14k gold filled

The layer of 14k gold on sterling silver is always temporary. Because the items are made out of multiple layers of 14k gold (gold filled), it will last for a long time.


Because all items of Labro are crafted by hand, we advise to handle the jewelry with care.The usage of precious metals like 925 sterling silver and14k gold filled creates a long-life durability.To extend the life of the items, it’s important to be aware of all contact to the jewelry.Try to limit the contact with water, perfumes, skincare and take off the jewelry while sleeping and exercizing. All moisture, heat and chemicals can effect the lifetime of the jewelry.

In case you want to clean your gemstones and freshwater pearls, please keep in mind that these are natural and delicate products.To clean the jewelry, you can take a soft cloth with warm water. Don’t use soap as pearls are too delicate. Gently polish the surface with the cloth and let the jewelry dry on a clean towel. Now you can wear your shiny and clean jewelry again!


Because all items of Labro are hand-crafted, we advise to check your order as soon as possible once received. In case there are any production problems or defects, we can tackle this immediately.

For the long-term, it’s important to know that Labro offers a lot of possibilities for repairing and up-cycling a bought product. Also after years, sometimes we can repair the item with a creative solution in our in-house atelier. For every situation, Labro will examine the possibilities to help the customer at its best. Customers can also always drop by our atelier, located in Haarlem or get in contact with us via email or Instagram.