Every item of our collection is made with carefully picked material. We collaborate with artisans who use sustainable and well-considered materials. It’s important to us that all the natural products come from a good place. We advice to take off all jewelry when showering, during exercising or swimming. Try to avoid direct contact with perfume, lotion or other care products. 


It is still allowed and legal to harvest coral in some regions of Italy but nonetheless we choose to collaborate with small ateliers who use old or vintage coral. Old coral is collected/harvested a long time ago and only harvested according to all government regulations and by authorized fishermen. We love to work with all the beauty that mother nature has given to us but we will never damage her unnecessarily. 

The color of a piece of coral is determined by the amount of algae’s in the water; the more algae the redder the coral becomes. In warmer water there are less algae’s which means lighter, more orange corals. White coral is very rare and contains almost no algae’s. Coral is a very delicate and luxurious product. Make sure you you handle the pieces with care. They can take a lot but, don’t drop them too hard on a sink, in a bowl or on the ground. 

Glass Beads

We simply don’t like plastic. We often work with glass beads, it’s more luxurious and keeps its color. Mostly all our beads are locally bought in the Netherlands but made in Japan. In Japan are two market leading companies who make the beads according a traditional production process. Small colour differences can appear because the process of the beads is very complex. 


We work with different kinds of gold; solid, filled or plated. We prefer to work with solid gold, it’s timeless, sustainable and luxurious. To us it doesn’t matter if it’s 14k or 18k solid gold, we love to mix and match. We’ve experienced that there is still a demand for gold filled and gold plated pieces too. Plated has a layer of gold over a (mostly) silver base, filled has two layers of gold. In the product descriptions of our webshop you will find information about which exact gold quality is used. 

Pearls & Gemstones

We choose to work with real pearls only! This again has to do with our aversion of plastic and love for the materials that mother nature has given to us. We work with an Italian supplier who send us top notch pearls and real gemstones.


The Labro t-shirts are made in an atelier in Greece and contain 100% organic cotton. A sustainable solution for our favorite tee! 

If you’ve any more questions about our materials or the way of taking care of them, feel free to contact the girls of our Customer Care!