As the long Italian summer draws to a close and the Tuscan sun sets behind Florence’s rolling hills, wander through the city’s narrow alleys and settle down for an aperitivo lungo at one of the many bars. Known as the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is defined by the many art museums and rich history. It’s a city where the Italian culture of hospitality thrives, surrounded by pine trees that were once planted to create shade during hot summer days and where the streetscape radiates a warm glow of ochre and terracotta. Imagine yourself under the Florentine sun and may the Duomo, as the epitome of the city, guide you along the way.

This collection – captured in Florence on a true local Florentine – puts a distinctly modern, yet timeless spin on our classic designs and embraces simplicity that makes for easy pairings that style effortlessly together. With high quality craftsmanship as a core value and a remained focus on pure materials, our pieces are designed to sustain through the many ritornos to Italy to follow.


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