Late April we went to Rome for a long weekend. No better way to spend your weekend than in Rome; we enjoyed a few sun-filled days with lots of strolling around, admiring the ancient wonders, espressos and pasta. Rome is a city we keep going back to and, in all its beauty, a forever inspiration for Labro as a brand. With the city’s past written in its architecture, a trip to Rome is a real feast to the eyes.

From dazzling landmarks to narrow cobblestone streets and from strolling antique markets to having a late lunch in the sun at a traditional trattoria – Rome never disappoints. Besides Rome’s known highlights well worth a visit, just as beautiful are the more undiscovered spots the city has to offer. Walking around passing by the many fountains, visiting a local caffè for a pitstop and learning more about the city’s storied past. One thing is for sure, after a trip to Rome you will not only take home the tastiest cantuccini and most beautiful fabrics, but above all lots of new inspiration and ideas that celebrate the true Roman spirit, the best souvenir.

Although Rome’s wide range of beautiful places is difficult to narrow down to a quintet – even more reason to plan a trip yourself – we have curated a small list of our favorite spots in Rome that show the city from its best side. Scroll down below to see some snapshots of our short trip and dream away about a getaway to the city to which we will return with great certainty. Arrivederci Roma!


  • Schostal Roma / make sure to stop by Schostal’s boutique. This traditional, artisanal boutique, founded in 1870 and family-run ever since, offers among other things beautifully crafted crisp shirting and delicate pajamas.

  • Regoli Pasticceria / if you’re looking for the best dolce in Rome, this is the place. We tried their maritozzi, a typical Roman pastry, which we definitely recommend. The freshly filled cannoli and castagnole looked just as good however.

  • La Matriciana / this antica trattoria, dating back to 1870, is the place for a cozy family Sunday brunch. We shared some antipasti and ordered bucatini all’Amatriciana, a classic Roman speciality.

  • Ristorante Ai Bozzi / experience the true Italian cuisine.

  • Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella / a visit to Santa Maria Novella opens the door to a world of artisanal beauty products, where you are guaranteed to find the best souvenirs. We sell some of their products on our webshop as well.

  • Rent a bike / the best way to explore the city the Dutch way.

  • Plan a day trip / when staying in Rome for a longer period of time, be sure to plan a day trip to one of the other beautiful cities Tuscany has to offer, such as Florence or Lucca. Our guide to Florence is coming up in a few weeks!


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