Valentina Barabuffi

Valentina, born under the Tuscan sun in the small town of Cortona, currently lives in beautiful Florence. According to Valentina, Italy is a never-ending exercise in beauty. We couldn’t agree more.

With an Instagram page that makes you dream away and via various articles online, Valentina shares personal stories and tips in and around her home country.

One of her favourite places in Italy is Puglia. She loves the chromatic contrast of the blue sea and white ‘masserie’, typical farmhouses in Puglia. Also the scents of the sea and olive trees make this place a special one. When in Venice, visit hotel Palazzo Experimental. For amazing food, you should go to Dimora Ulmo in Matera, in the south of Italy. Fellini once said ‘life is a combination of magic and pasta’, a quote that illustrates how much Valentina loves a good pasta.

She doesn’t hesitate to say everything about this country is beautiful. The light, the food, the architecture, and the people who love to share and laugh.


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