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Creative Sara is our very first Journal contributor. In Rome, where she lives, Sara runs a ‘Made in Italy’ webshop called Italy feels like an open museum for her, where everything tells a story. 

What are your favourite places in Italy and why do you like it there?

Sara travels a lot for work and love so she is kind of a Nomad. But her favorite places to go are (of course) Rome, but also Lecce and Otranto in Salento. The total package of art, excellent food and a relaxing vibes is what she loves. Tuscany and Sicily are on her list as well “I love the mood of people, food and the architecture”.

Your favourite dish, hotel and restaurant?

“Omg, there are too many dishes to choose as my favorite! I love eating.” It is maybe a hard question for someone from Italy, but eventually she chose Carbonara and Amatriciana, or Ravioli. Sara would choose pasta over pizza, but never forgets the mozzarella!  Her favorite hotel or restaurant is not one in particular. She loves discovering new places everywhere she goes.

What would you like to say to someone who has never been to Italy?

“I invite you all to be curious about Italy. Discover new places, be open to everything you can see or do. Learn about the land where everything seems to be the same through the years and love Italy, the Italians and enjoy our Dolce Vita.”


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