Madelyn Somers

Madelyn was born near the beach in West Los Angeles and now lives in the East part of the city. As an experienced traveler and photographer, she has visited many places around the world. Of course we are especially curious how Italy inspired her! 

Can you describe Italy in one sentence?

A beautiful amusement park for history, art and culture with delicious carbs at its core.

What are your favourite places in Italy and why do you like it there?

Something comes over me when I see a historic monument in real life. It’s a real emotional response that sends chills down my entire body. Seeing the Michelangelo’s David for the first time in Florence, the Leaning Tower in Pisa and the Colosseum in Rome were moments I will never forget, both beautiful and surreal.

Your favourite dish, hotel and restaurant?

My favourite dish is Linguine alle vongole! I also LOVE Tartalli which are olive oil crackers in a ring shape. They come in many flavours, but my favourite are the fennel ones. 

My favourite spot for a quick bite is in Rome – it’s a classic family owned restaurant, deli and bakery from 1824 named Roscioli. Everything is delicious and their branding is so good!

Also, Da Adolfo in Positano is a must. Set on the sea on a beautiful small beach you can either access by boat or by walking down 450 stairs! Also, you must buy one of their souvenir tees!’ 

A few years back, I took a road trip through Puglia with my dad and we went to Masseria Moroseta, a beautiful country home in Ostuni that was so well designed. They do these communal dinners that are delicious and you can purchase the ceramics you eat off of which are made in the neighbouring town.

What would you like to say to someone who has never been to Italy?

Talk to locals, eat everything in sight and to see it all you must rent a car and do a road trip from top to heel of the boot. And then return again and again!


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