Fulvia was born in Rome and lived in Londen for a few years. She is a true Italian and has lots of beautiful memories of Italy and Rome. Like when she walked around Via dei Fori Imperiali with her friends at 5am on a summer day, they stayed until sunrise and it was truly amazing to see the sun rising in a quiet and empty city.

She would define Italy as colourful, loud and romantic. One of her favourite places to visit in Italy is Palermo, Sicily. ‘What I love most about Palermo is the warm and welcoming atmosphere, typical of southern Italy. Everyone there is friendly and they immediately treat you like you’re part of their family. The food is beyond perfect and there is so much to discover – from beautiful buildings, churches, art to amazing sea sights.’

Her favourite Italian dish is ‘pansoti in salsa di noci’. ‘Not many Italians even know about it. It’s a traditional dish from Liguria; ravioli with walnuts and cream… the best pasta you’ll ever have!’ Fulvia hardly ever sleeps at hotels, but she loves to rent a small apartment so she can cook her own food bought from the food markets. Her favourite restaurant is not one place, but can be found anywhere;’ pizzeria al taglio’ or ‘a slice of pizza’. Because ‘Nothing is better than a slice of pizza!’, she says.

‘If you’ve never been to Italy you better come soon! Italy offers you so many wonderful things to do and places to visit. Pack your bags, rent a car and drive around the country!’


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