Federica was born in beautiful Palermo, Sicily and still lives there today. She is deeply in love with her island and the way it represents the heart of the Mediterranean.

She started ‘Appunti Mediterranei’, a project wherein she can show Sicily through her own eyes. With this project she tries to fight the stereotypes and clichés that are usually associated with the Island. At the same time she wants to show an intrinsic poetry that can be found anywhere on the island: in the streets, the countryside, by the sea and in every city. Sicily embodies the Mediterranean feeling, the beauty of simplicity!

According to Federica Italy is a beautiful kaleidoscope; ‘every region has its own identity and peculiarities that make it different and special’. ‘Sicily has a special place in my heart, but I love the whole south of Italy because it represents the essence of the Mediterranean. If I had to choose one city, I would say that Siracusa is my favourite, it has the perfect mix of natural beauty, architecture and history. I enjoy getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets in Ortigia (the soul of Siracusa) to stroll around Castello Maniace, a medieval castle overlooking the harbour. Siracusa has amazing beaches surrounding the city and the light there is simply unique.’

Some seafood and a glass of wine in a small restaurant by the sea makes her very happy. Her favourite place is ’Scjabica’, run by talented young chef Joseph Micieli. It is located in Punta Secca, a beautiful small fisherman’s village near by Ragusa.

Her favourite hotels are those with seaview rooms. ‘I love hotel Gutkowski in Siracusa. I always choose a room with a small balcony overlooking the crystal clear water of Ortigia. To me, waking up in the morning and opening the window to inhale the fresh, salty air is priceless.’

Federica advises us to not use a map when visiting Italian destinations. Get lost and discover unknown corners, they hide the best stories!


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