Esmee Holdijk


Esmee lives in Amsterdam and is part of team Labro as photographer and jewellery maker. She and her family love Italy so much, they gave up their yearly trip to France. She remembers the Italian kids staying up late and dreamt that one day she would be able to do so too!

Eating pizza and swimming were her holiday highlights as a little girl. Since then, not much has changed, except for the fact she can now travel and discover places on her own. She says: “As a photographer, Italy is a beauty in the eye. She is able to catch everything on camera what Italy beautifully depicted.”

Two years ago, she got the opportunity to capture the moments of a real Italian wedding. “To celebrate the love in Italy is one of the most magical things you can imagine. Under the olive trees where a family comes together to have a toast to love and life, makes me fall in love with Italy even more.”

According to Esmee, you should definitely take the car or train to Italy. Let yourself inspire by the beauty of nature, hang out with the loving locals and enjoy the food. Relax and dream away in the beautiful landscapes. “Believe me, you will keep this country in your heart.”


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