Érato Mediterraneo

Érato Mediterraneo

The thought of creating ératomediterraneo had been in the back of our minds for a long time, but it only became concrete on a cosy evening in March 2020 just few days before the lockdown hit Italy so harshly. 

We are Claudia and Sofia, two long-time friends sharing a passion for discovering beauty across the Mediterranean with a focus on our beloved Italy. Through ératomediterraneo we want to share our very own way of experiencing travels: what we call “Orchestration of the Senses”, which means a state in which you experience the place with all the five senses dancing harmoniously together. In order to live the place according to such mantra we scout locations, restaurants and activities which according to us are in line with the “érato lifestyle”. The best souvenirs we collected from our adventures are the smell of slowly cooked “sugo” or other delicacies on the streets, the chats with the locals happening during the most random occasions and the sound of the city which is always different but without exception enchanting.

We are proudly born and raised in beautiful Rome, in which we still live nowadays. We believe the city strongly affected our aesthetics and made us passionate about art, architecture and history. However, our DNA embraces the heritage of the south of Italy since our parents are from Abruzzo, Sicilia and Campania.

For us Italy is the perfect mix of beautiful landscapes, arts, food and hospitality. Its non-filtered authenticity and folklore make it the heaven of the senses. Each day we fall in love with a different corner of Italy; but two places we particularly love are Noto, the baroque capital of Sicily with its famous “Caffè Sicilia”, and Florence a city we always love to come back to. Our favourite dish? As true romans, when we see “Coratella” on a menu be sure we’ll take it! As for our favourite hotel and restaurant, we love to scout hotels and spent some idyllic time at Borgo San Marco near Fasano, in Puglia. We love the menu and the wine list at a restaurant called NEBBIA in Milano. 

Our advice for visiting Italy; just talk with the locals! They have incredible stories and suggestions to share. And don’t be shy if you don’t know Italian, gestures will do just fine! 


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