Emma Peijnenburg

Emma Peijnenburg

Two years ago, Photographer Emma traveled to Turin for a press event. She drove around in an old Fiat-500 and celebrated life with lots of good food, coffee and fine wines. She visits Italy since she was a little girl, but during that one trip she lived the real Italian dream.

Emma describes Italy as the Mediterranean holiday destination where everything comes together for the real epicurean. And even though she has a lot of places she would like to discover, she has very good memories about Florence and Sicily. Florence because of its romantic touch and Sicily because of her beautiful rocky beaches, rugged nature and urban activities.

Puglia and Capri are high on her to go list, same as hotel Borgo Egnazia. She read about it in Condé Nast Traveler and it looked amazing.

Her perfect Italian morning routine would be; starting the day in peace with a really good cup of coffee and visiting very old family restaurants where you always feel the connection with true Italy.


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