Chiara Venturi

Chiara was born in a small medieval town called Cesena, located in the heart of Romagna, the land of the famous dishes piadina and cappelletti. After living on several locations around the world, Chiara landed in Milan where she’s currently building her career.

Her favourite memories in Italy are the ones related to her grandparents. They used to spend all summer together at the beach or in the mountains.

For her, Italy (except Milan) is the perfect place to slow down your routine, relax and enjoy the food, the views and the culture. In summary, Italy is the place where you can fully experience ‘il dolce far niente’.

We asked Chiara about her favourite dishes and hotels. ‘I don’t have one specific favourite hotel or restaurant, I usually appreciate everything that is authentic and that reflects the place I am visiting and exploring!’. 

Her tip for Italy is to not let the loud voices and high energy of most Italians scare you off. ‘We love to gesticulate with our bodies, talk about food and make tourists fall in love with our culture!’


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