Carlotta Carlini

Carlotta was born in Fregene, a sun-swept village on the Tyrrhenian coast. Being close to Rome, the small seaside town has always been a refuge for Romans, including Federico Fellini (La dolce vita, 1960). Carlotta is still based in Fregene as a creative photographer and writer.

Can you describe Italy in one sentence?
I was born in a country where beauty is everywhere; light, gardens, food, to name a few. My love for that beauty has always inspired me to be and do better. I love the county’s welcoming, romantic and passionate people that share everything. Italy in three sentences;
The sight of the sparkling light reflecting off the sea.
The taste of wine and endless talking.
The real Italian beauty after all is basically only in its simplicity.

What are your favourite places in Italy and why do you like it there?
My favourite places are Tuscany, Tuscia, Puglia and Calabria, all for their secret beaches, rural countryside and genuine people!

Your favourite dish, hotel and restaurant?
Restaurants & dishes
Enzo al 29, Roma
Cacio e pepe
Isola del pescatore, Santa Severa
Spaghetti con le vongole
Chiosco, Scilla Calabria
Sandwich polpo stracciatella e cipolla caramellata
La posta vecchia, Rome
Palazzo Daniele, GAGLIANO del Capo
Palazzi Maritati e Muci, Nardò
Villa tre Ville, Positano

What would you like to say to someone who has never been to Italy?
Please come as soon as possible to discover what amazing things we have and fall in love with them!

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