Andreea Bercu


Andreea’s first time in Italy was on a school trip, a weekend to Rome. Still, after visiting the city a few times, it always leaves her in awe. “The history, historic buildings, all the impressive columns scattered around the old town and the beautiful photogenic warm and different shades of yellow of all the buildings and houses.” She describes Rome as one big open-air museum.

What are your favourite places in Italy and why do you like it there?

Besides Rome, her favorite places are Bologna, Siena and Lucca. “You can wander for hours through small, atmospheric streets and enjoy the Tuscan culinary delights.”

Your favourite dish, hotel and restaurant?

Her favourite dish on the menu is the classic tiramisu. She even perfected the tiramisu at home until it was as tasty as the best she ever had – in Lucca. She doesn’t have a favourite hotel, because she likes to stay in people’s homes and immerse herself in the culture of the locals. Last summer she found the most beautiful ecological sleeping place in an old windmill on a river, near Siena between the olive trees and Tuscan hills. On the other hand, she does have favorite restaurant ‘Castello di Ama’. Fine dining in a castle overlooking the vineyards in Tuscan.

What would you like to say to someone who has never been to Italy?

“GO! Italy has something for everyone – from picturesque villages and cottages to the most romantic castles! And of course, not to forget, never leave a restaurant without ordering the tiramisu!”


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