A casa is a curated series that portrays cool individuals who open the doors to the vivid places they call home. In line with the true Italian hospitality, Labro is welcomed to discover the way they live and to catch a glimpse of their everyday spirits. Dig into the stories these spaces have to offer – benvenuti. 

Soesja and her two year old son live in a former perfume factory in Zaandam, which immediately gives the place an authentic and unique character. Although they have only called this house home for a few months, Soesja managed to create a cozy place rich in daylight in which everything seems to come together. Her love for gemstones, one-of-a-kind curiosities collected over time, fresh peonies on the kitchen table, a swing for Jonah in the midst of the living room and an easel that seems to embody the creative, colorful person she is. In total, this makes their home a collection of all things nice. 

United in our love for Italy and long summers spent under the Mediterranean sun, we nostalgically shared some memories of Italy back and forth. One of the things that, for example, instantly reminds Soesja of her holiday in Sicily is blood orange juice. A juice that is made from blood oranges that were grown in Sicily, freshly squeezed on every street corner and widely drunk all over the island. Fully settled in and like a true local, Soesja drank this juice more than once a day during this holiday. “Next to my primo caffè in the morning, as a thirst quencher after a hike and besides an authentic Sicilian dinner”. No better way to start, and end, your day than sipping a cold blood orange juice in the sun. 

From a young age Soesja has been into gemstones. As a result, today she has a tastefully curated collection of her own. Because of this great love for precious gemstones, our studio collection appealed to her. She was especially drawn to the angelite stone. “You don’t choose a gemstone yourself, but the gemstone chooses you”. No wonder this light blue stone, known for its peaceful energy that is calming and soothing, chose Soesja as it fully embraces her light and loving spirit!


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