A casa is a curated series that portrays cool individuals who open the doors to the vivid places they call home. In line with the true Italian hospitality, Labro is welcomed to discover the way they live and to catch a glimpse of their everyday spirits. Dig into the stories these spaces have to offer – benvenuti. 

Sabrina invited us over to her, set directly along the canals of Amsterdam, home. It was there, in the midst of the city, that we found a bright oasis exuding a sense of ease and where sunlight swings through the space. With the garden doors wide open and the classic ceiling fans running, Sabrina welcomed us with a freshly brewed coffee at the kitchen bar. The house was bought in 2021 and when Sabrina and her fiancé moved in together shortly after, she was just in time to put her spin on the renovation plans. Small details of what once was remained, think the authentic wall tiles in the stairwell, making their home as much a site of memory as a contemporary place to live. The adage of light, air and space was the first thing that came to mind when setting foot inside. And perhaps the place is best described as timeless and serene, yet characterized by one-of-a-kind pieces that give character and story to their home. These pieces are probably due to Sabrina’s great love for spending mornings in the bath endlessly searching for cool, vintage items. The cupboards are filled with curiosities collected over time and Sabrina’s friend Simon Visser and his sister, founders of Studio Lager, helped sourcing unique interior items that give instant charm to the place. 

We find a similar embrace of timelessness and take on contemporaneity in Sabrina’s brand, REYÈM. REYÈM is an Amsterdam-based women’s wear brand that is inspired by getting ready for an evening out, Sabrina’s favorite moment of getting dressed. With longevity and versatility as main values of the brand, the core collection is a range of timeless pieces that can all be styled and mixed effortlessly together. Pieces that are thrown-on easily, but do catch the eye during a night out.

When asking Sabrina about her favorite place in Italy, her answer sounds, not difficult for us to understand, loud and clear: Florence. When she was invited to a wedding in Tuscany this summer, she made a pit stop in Florence without hesitation. After hours of wandering through this sun-filled city, she ended the day in true Florentine fashion by having dinner with friends at a local trattoria, Trattoria Sabatino. It is these kinds of evenings that Sabrina once founded REYÈM for and where the brand’s essence thrives! 

IG: sabrina.meijer

Visit REYÈM at:

Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 21


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