A casa is a curated series that portrays cool individuals who open the doors to the vivid places they call home. In line with the true Italian hospitality, Labro is welcomed to discover the way they live and to catch a glimpse of their everyday spirits. Dig into the stories these spaces have to offer – benvenuti. 

We were warmly welcomed in Margot’s Haarlem-based house, not too far from Labro’s studio, with a coffee and quintessential Italian cantuccini. After living in Amsterdam for several years, she and her little family outgrew their space. And with growth comes change; they moved to a beautiful family home in Haarlem, offering them peace and space, but with the beloved city within close reach even so. On weekdays, Margot can still be found in Amsterdam a lot, but she now spends her weekends outdoorsy with her family on the beach. Combining the best of both worlds, as they say.

Their tastefully furnished living room breathes a sense of ease and is perhaps best described as atmospheric minimalism. The same stylish but as much timeless style translates into Margot’s way of dressing. It therefore came as no surprise that when we asked her about her favorite Labro item of the current studio collection, she was drawn to our onyx pieces straight away. A bold gemstone that is timeless but just as well modern, and thus fits Margot’s cool style very well! 

It’s remarkable how a keen eye can find some sort of link to Italy in almost every home; in the A CASA series we’ve shot so far, it was never a long search for an item or story that embodies and embraces the Italian spirit. When setting foot in Margot’s kitchen we stumbled upon a print of sunbathers, seemingly locals celebrating the laid-back paced warm weather way of life, at the Italian coast. One of them, however, turned out to be Margot’s husband. She and her happy tribe will spend this summer same mannered, holidaying the days away in Forte dei Marmi. We can’t wait to see Margot wearing her onyx necklace there; a versatile accessory for all summer endeavors. 


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