A casa is a curated series that portrays cool individuals who open the doors to the vivid places they call home. In line with the true Italian hospitality, Labro is welcomed to discover the way they live and to catch a glimpse of their everyday spirits. Dig into the stories these spaces have to offer – benvenuti.

Kirsten invited us over to her bright Den Haag-based home. She and her boyfriend moved in just some months ago, but they already turned the place into a cozy home where books, records, flowers and other tastefully curated curiosities flourish. On arrival Kirsten welcomed us with dolce and coffee made with her Bialetti percolator – a very Italian affair.

Kirsten literally has a great love for Italy as her boyfriend is half-Italian. Every summer they camp in the Dolomites in northern Italy. From there they go on a daily hike and have lunch – think polenta, Ribollita and pasta al ragù – at the rifugios viewing the mountains. From the Dolomites they travel on to Trieste, the city where her boyfriend was born. During the summer period you can enjoy lunch at the osmizas hidden away in the mountains around the city, where homemade dishes from the local farmers are being served. A summer in Italy is for Kirsten therefore inextricably linked to delicious food and the joy of long afternoons of chatter in the sun. “Wine, espresso and spritz really are the best in Italy”.

When we asked Kirsten about her favorite item of our current collection, she was instantly drawn to the angelite Cinque necklace. A playful yet timeless design that is made of differently sized beads. “I truly love the look of the necklace already, but the light blue color will pop even more with a suntanned skin”. We can’t wait to see Kirsten wearing the Cinque necklace this summer in the Dolomites and Trieste!


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