A casa is a curated series that portrays cool individuals who open the doors to the vivid places they call home. In line with the true Italian hospitality, Labro is welcomed to discover the way they live and to catch a glimpse of their everyday spirits. Dig into the stories these spaces have to offer – benvenuti.

After living in the vibrant city of New York for about a year, Carolijn and her little family settled in this authentic family house nearby Leiden. The place mirrors the bright person she is, embodies the family they have become and is a Valhalla of characteristic items collected over time, each with its own story. Striking is the resemblance in her clothing style and interior. Both predominantly timeless and somewhat minimalist, yet laced together by fun threads of popping color and playful bits, resulting in a right balance. She, for example, loves wearing a classic black blazer topped off with pink mules.

That Carolijn has a keen eye for detail is immediately clear once you set foot in her house. Several small vases of flowers are scattered throughout the living room, celebrating the little joys of everyday life. Another item that catches the eye is the painting by the kitching table portraying the sunny hills of Tuscany. These rolling hills, behind which medieval villages are hidden, have become the epitome of the Italian countryside. This painting is a daily reminder of the warm memories Carolijn holds of summers in Tuscany. The place where she and her great love went on holiday together for the first time, where their eldest daughter celebrated her very first birthday and where Carolijn decided to publish her book herself. A place where many beautiful things have arisen and where the magic of Italy can be felt.

When we asked Carolijn about her favorite Labro item, she was instantly charmed by our pearl necklaces. These necklaces are made of delicate freshwater pearls and can be passed on from generation to generation, and may thus one day be worn by one of her daughters. Who knows in beautiful Tuscany!


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